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Mind-Body Weight Management

Mission Statement

Mind-Body Weight Management is a unique program, which uses a multidisciplinary approach and includes evaluation and treatment by a skilled dietitian who understands the importance of balanced nutrition and provides an individually tailored program based on the clients’ unique history, needs, and preferences, and a knowledgeable and supportive therapist who guides clients to learn valuable techniques to reach and maintain an ideal weight and healthy lifestyle. Each client is offered an individualized treatment plan depending on his or her unique medical and psychological needs. Additionally, psychological and emotional support is provided at all steps during the process. A variety of classes, groups, and individual consultations will be offered to not only help clients reach their goal but also to provide them with tools to maintain their ideal weight and live a healthier lifestyle after the completion of the program.


We have noticed that many people fail to achieve or maintain their weight management goals despite knowledge and effort. Clients often tell us they have tried almost all of the diets in the market; that they exercise regularly and eat healthy food and still are not at their ideal weight.

Some clients tell us that after reaching their ideal weight through an extremely invasive surgery or a gruesome diet, they have gained the weight back. Many clients feel there is no program out there that can meet all of their needs and help them achieve their goals.

We studied the reasons for other programs as well individuals’ failures through various methods and found a fascinating result.

Some people have never consulted a physician, dietitian, or psychologist regarding their weight issues, and yet they are able to lose weight through various diets and exercise regimens on their own. They report an immense amount of excitement and confidence to lose weight on their own and after a while, an immense amount of disappointment and disillusionment to realize they are not able to maintain their ideal weight and have returned to their old patterns of behavior. They might say: "My body changed but not me.""

We interviewed people who had consulted with their physician or dietitian regarding their weight issues. They reported having had multiple tests and having started a diet under the physician or dietitian’s care. Unfortunately, many of these people also failed because they also targeted only their body rather than both mind and body. Therefore, either they were not able to create the change they desired due to not changing their thought and behavior patterns or they were not able to maintain their ideal weight due to repeating the same patterns of behavior after the completion of their diet.

We also interviewed people who had disclosed their weight issues with their therapist and asked for help. They reported exploring the underlying reasons for their weight problems as well as possible reasons for their failure in being at their ideal weight with their therapist and yet, they did not achieve their weight management goals because they did not have the information, tools, and support of a comprehensive program which would target all of their needs to achieve and maintain their weight management goals.

We were inspired to create this program as we noticed a disconnect between the providers and experts who are helping people with weight management. When a house is built or even remodeled, the architect, the contractor, the plumber, the electrician, and the painter meet or consult to create a team to build or remodel the house successfully; making sure everything is done properly in order for the house to survive different climate and other adversities for years. Changing oneself is no different. Losing weight, maintaining an ideal weight, and learning to live a healthier life style is a major change in one’s mind and body which requires a team of experts collaborating in making sure the individually-tailored changes are successful and permanent.

In summation, the fascinating result we found was that the majority of people who would like to lose weight tend to target their body for change by using diets, exercise, or surgery. There are also a number of people who only target their mind by trying to change their habits and patterns of behavior. However, we only found a few people who had targeted to change both their mind and body for permanent results. These few people were the ones who had more success in achieving their weight management goals.

Please contact the center at 424-222-5509 if interested in participating in our unique mind-body weight management program.

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