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Forensic Services

We offer comprehensive forensic services at Center for Healing & Personal Growth:

  • Comprehensive Forensic Evaluations & Reports
  • Comprehensive Expert Evaluations & Reports as well as Expert Testimony in court or other legal proceedings
  • Forensic Consultations
  • Immigration Evaluations
  • Specialty in the assessment and treatment of PTSD resulting from personal injury (car accidents, dog bites, NIED, Slip & Fall, wrongful death, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, bullying, burn cases, sexual harassment, assault, or abuse, medical malpractice, and other serious injuries)

Forensic evaluations refer to comprehensive psychological evaluations that intersect with the legal profession. In these matters, psychologists are called into legal proceedings to provide objective and comprehensive psychological evaluations and to give expert witness testimony on particular areas of psychology.

Dr. Farzam has extensive experience in forensic evaluations and expert testimony and has testified in court and other legal proceedings as an expert witness in various forensic matters.

Latrauma Therapists

How I Feel When I Hear NO

By Ronit Farzam
Illustrated by Bonnie Lui
Publication date: March 2024